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I am new to couponing but I am a fast learner and I will be dedicating this blog to bringing you strategies to save you time as well as money.  I hope you will follow this blog and start with me.  Give me some time to do some research but I hope to post daily.

The more I figure out, I will be bringing only the best ways to do this and deleting posts that are obsolete or not as time efficient as the ones I've just written.  In other words, this site will always be evolving as I learn more.

If hope you will contribute your knowledge as well within the comments.  And, if there is a specific area you would like to focus on, please let me know.  I will research more to bring you the best information.

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Great Sites to Get Your Coupon Savings Started Right Away

I've done some research and spoke with people who are out there already saving money and getting items for free even, by using coupons.  I'm hoping this helps you as well.  I have pulled together a few sites for you to look into that will get you started fairly easily.  In addition to future posts on how to make couponing work for you, I will be including current deals broken down for you to make it easy to follow and save you lots of time.

Let's start with the following sites...

If you go to and select the tab, "MORE," and go to "Coupons," you will find coupons on not just food items but items in every department.  Shop the coupons before you shop. 

Let's not forget, Target will take a manufacturers coupon with a store coupon to increase your savings.  They may also take a discount coupon on the total sale if you have one.  That way you can combine all 3.  You will pay taxes on the full price of the items.

Here is one site I found that is awesome called "Totally Target."  She will teach you how to find the best deals.

In her blog, she breaks down what the weekly coupons are with an example of how to save the most.

 Here you will find printable coupons, a preview of the upcoming CVS weekly flyer, What the FREEBIE of the week is, etc.

This site is spelled out,

You can also check out sites by the same person, and for Walgreens.

These sites should get you going.  If your time is limited, I will also be watching these pages and bringing you deals as often as possible.  Please head on over to our Facebook Page, Couponing - Money Saved Is Money Earned to share what you got for your deals this week.  We'd love to hear from you.

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I've used coupons in the past.  I'm not completely new I guess but I am new to the finer tuned ways of using them.  I saved $65 off a $200 food bill ONCE, a few years ago and I haven't really done it since.  So, with a desire to learn how to do it more efficiently and faster, I'll teach you as I learn.

My friend Missie gave a bunch of tips, right off the bat when I mentioned that I was interested in learning more.  She said that she walked into a store recently and spent 25 CENTS for $152 worth of groceries.  I was astounded!  She said it's not always like that but she can usually save 60-80% of her bill by using coupons.  That's incredible!  I HAD TO know more!

Coupon Stacking

I asked Missie her secrets.  One of them is that you can "STACK" coupons.  I am naive, so I naturally asked how?  She explained that a store coupon is different from a manufacturers coupon.

A store coupon is anything that comes from the store itself.  A couple of great examples would be Shaws Supermarket and CVS Pharmacy.  At the time of check out these two places will give you an extra slip of paper or two with your receipt or there will be a coupon printed at the bottom of your receipt.  That is a store coupon, also known as a "catalina."

It is considered being frugal, not a cheater, to use this catalina in conjunction with a manufacturers coupon and stack them onto one item.

For example, if you had a catalina for $1.50 off of Toothpaste and a manufacturers coupon also for $1.50 off the same size tube of the same brand and the toothpaste happens to be on sale for $2.00, the store now OWES YOU a dollar!!  I obviously fell in love with this idea immediately.  Now it's becoming more like a game. instead of a chore.  I cant wait to get started!

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